Make St Georges Day a bank holiday

cropped-Banner-2-940x198.pngPress Release 13th April 2016

Make St Georges Day a bank holiday

Starting on Saturday the 16th April for 8 days, a Banner vehicle will be travelling around England reminding everyone to celebrate St Georges Day. It will finish on the 24th April at the Stonecross parade being held in West Bromwich. Expected at the parade will be 15,000++ showing their love of community, family, St George and England. (They will parade for 2 miles).

It is about time that the British government gave the people of England another Bank Holiday as England has the lowest number of public holidays in the whole of the EU at only 8 days.


Making St Georges day a bank holiday makes commercial sense as research has shown that consumers also enjoy spending money on holiday days. Public houses, businesses and councils should respond to this demand by launching their own events to mark England’s day of celebration.

Eddie Bone, Campaign Director for ‘Make St George’s day a Bank Holiday’ stated:


‘We believe that promoting St Georges day as a national holiday and a family day will help create a positive sense of national identity, social unity and integrate our communities. St Georges Day should be a bank holiday, as it will instill a sense of belonging, stability and acceptance of community spirited values.’

He continued

 ‘Our campaign challenges anyone to tell us what is wrong with celebrating English accomplishments as a nation’.

If the people of England were given a day off for St George’s Day, we would most surely see a marked rise in celebrations across England. It would be safe to say that people in England certainly welcome the idea that St George’s day should be made a bank holiday

The Government needs to understand that the people of England love the country they live in – and aren’t afraid to show it!

Eddie Bone, Campaign Director for ‘Make St George’s day a Bank Holiday’


We will be available for interviews during the week staring 16th -24th April 2016

Contact mobile: 07980667732 or e-mail 

The dates, counties, towns and cities that the Banner vehicle will be travelling through:


April 16 –  Medway, Kent   

April 17 –  Winchester, Portsmouth, Southampton  

April 18 –  Bristol and Monmouthshire  

April 19 –  Chester, Liverpool  

April 20 –  York

April 21 –  Doncaster, Leeds 

April 22 –  Birmingham

April 23 – St Georges Day, London

April 24 – Stonecross, St George’s Day Parade, West Bromwich 10am (speeches)


(This is just a guide)

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