Household appliances

Household appliances

13th century: Magnifying glass defined by Roger Bacon (c.?1214-c.?1292).

Before 1596: Modern flushing toilet invented by John Harington (1560–1612). The term ‘John’, used particularly in the US, is generally accepted as a direct reference to its inventor.

1733: Perambulator developed by William Kent (c. 1685-1748).

1780: First mass-produced toothbrush produced by William Addis (1734–1808).

1795: First corkscrew patent granted to the Reverend Samuel Henshall (1764?–1807).

1810: Tin can for food preservation patented by merchant Peter Durand (dates not known).

1818: Modern fire extinguisher invented by George William Manby (1765–1854).

1828: Thermosiphon, which forms the basis of most modern central heating systems, invented by Thomas Fowler (1777–1843).

1830: Lawn mower invented by Edwin Beard Budding (1796–1846).

1836: The Daniell cell – a type of electrochemical cell; an element of an electric battery – invented by John Frederic Daniell (1790–1845).

1840: Postage stamp invented by Sir Rowland Hill (1795–1879).

1845: Rubber band patented by inventor Stephen Perry (dates not known).

1878: Incandescent light bulb invented by Joseph Wilson Swan (1828–1914).

1884: Light switch invented by John Henry Holmes (dates not known) in Shieldfield.

1899: Little Nipper Mouse trap invented by James Henry Atkinson (1849–1942).

Late-19th century: Commercially produced electric toaster developed by R. E. B. Crompton (1845–1940).

Late-19th century: Modern pay toilet invented by John Nevil Maskelyne (1839–1917); Maskelyne invented a lock for London toilets, which required a penny to operate, hence the euphemism “spend a penny”.

1901: First powered vacuum cleaner invented by Hubert Cecil Booth (1871–1955).

Before 1902: First practical Teasmade designed by clockmaker Albert E. Richardson (dates not known) of Ashton-under-Lyne.

Before 1920: Folding carton invented by Charles Henry Foyle (died 1948).

1924: First modern dishwasher invented by William Howard Livens (1889–1964).

1955: First fully automatic electric kettle produced by manufacturer Russell Hobbs of Failsworth, Greater Manchester.

1963: Lava lamp invented by accountant Edward Craven Walker.

1965: Collapsible baby buggy produced by Owen Finlay Maclaren (1907–1978).

1983: “Bagless” vacuum cleaner invented by James Dyson (born 1947).