England is the one of the worst in the world when it comes to bank holiday provision.

We believe it is about time that the British government gave the people of England another Bank Holiday as England has the lowest number of public holidays in the whole of the EU at only 8 days and the second lowest in the world.

Our view is that making St George’s day a bank holiday makes commercial sense as research has shown that consumers also enjoy spending money on holiday days. There has certainly been an increased trend for St George’s Day celebrations across England and this year in particular there have been a growing number of people asking why we celebrate St Patrick’s Day but not St George’s Day. We hope that Public houses, businesses and councils respond to this demand by launching their own events to mark England’s day of celebration.

‘We believe that promoting St Georges day as a national holiday and a family day will help create a positive sense of national identity, social unity and integrate our communities. St Georges Day should be a bank holiday, as it will instill a sense of belonging, stability and acceptance of community spirited values. Our campaign challenges anyone to tell us what is wrong with celebrating English accomplishments as a nation’.

On our website has the list of Bank Holiday entitlement around the world.  See how far you have to scroll down the list to reach the UK. (We also have the Bank Holidays for England listed as well)

Why companies should give their staff another day off?  

A positive day of celebrating what the people of England have accomplished as a nation could possibly bring much needed money to many industries and the communities where these businesses exist and companies could decide to give all their staff the day off on St George’s Day. The cost may initially concern businesses as obviously many are profit-oriented but they should balance profits with being civic-minded and patriotic. It works for the Irish and the Scots who are now seeing many industries enjoying highly profitable events on their patron saints day

However, the British Government will take a bit more persuading to come round to it. It has been made clear to the Workers of England Union that they will resist England getting any additional Bank Holidays.

We ask that companies giving staff a day off on 23rd April and show they are community minded.

COLOMBIA – 18 bank holidays a year

INDIA – 18 bank holidays a year

LEBANON – 16 bank holidays a year

SOUTH KOREA – 16 bank holidays a year

THAILAND – 16 bank holidays a year

FINLAND – 15 bank holidays a year

JAPAN – 15 bank holidays a year

ARGENTINA – 15 bank holidays a year

CHILE – 15 bank holidays a year

TURKEY – 14.5 bank holidays a year

SPAIN – 14 bank holidays a year 

MOROCCO – 14 bank holidays a year

RUSSIA – 14 bank holidays a year

INDONESIA – 14 bank holidays a year

MALAYSIA – 14 bank holidays a year

PHILIPPINES – 14 bank holidays a year

PAKISTAN – 13 bank holidays a year

SLOVAKIA – 13 bank holidays a year

AUSTRIA – 12 bank holidays a year

BRAZIL – 12 bank holidays a year

CZECH REPUBLIC – 12 bank holidays a year

LITHUANIA – 12 bank holidays a year

SWEDEN – 11 bank holidays a year

ITALY – 11 bank holidays a year

FRANCE – 11 bank holidays a year

CROATIA – 11 bank holidays a year

DENMARK – 11 bank holidays a year

CANADA – 11 bank holidays a year

NEW ZEALAND – 11 bank holidays a year

CHINA – 11 bank holidays a year

SINGAPORE – 11 bank holidays a year

VIETNAM – 10 bank holidays a year

BELGIUM – 10 bank holidays a year

POLAND – 10 bank holidays a year

USA – 10 bank holidays a year

UKRAINE – 10 bank holidays a year

LUXEMBOURG – 10 bank holidays a year

NORWAY – 10 bank holidays a year

PORTUGAL – 10 bank holidays a year

NORTHERN IRELAND – 10 bank holidays a year

SERBIA – 9 bank holidays a year

ROMANIA – 9 bank holidays a year

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – 9 bank holidays a year

AUSTRALIA – 9 bank holidays a year

SCOTLAND – 9 bank holidays a year

HUNGARY – 8 bank holidays a year

NETHERLANDS – 8 bank holidays a year


**** ENGLAND AND WALES – 8 bank holidays a year ****


MEXICO – 7 bank holidays a year


What are England’s Bank Holidays


New Year’s Day

Good Friday

Easter Monday

May Day Bank Holiday

Spring Bank Holiday

Summer Bank Holiday

Christmas Day Boxing Day

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